RF PDCU Scanners

The Hellenic wireless scanner range includes models such as:
Honeywell CK65 and Nautiz X41

Hellenic Systems Ltd have developed a radio frequency (RF) based scanning. 

The Main benefits of this system are:

  • No requirements for “uploading” to host computer
  • Real–time allocation of products to orders or control of stock
  • On-line interrogation of stock
  • Order selection via window on schedule
  • Can “Roam” within factory
  • Fast 802.11 g/b radio communications
  • Large colour display, with protective boot.

Honeywell CK65 – Physical Characteristics:
Length: 227mm (8.1in.)
Height: 42mm (1.7in.)
Width: 83mm (3.3in.)
Weight: 743grams (26.00oz) including handle

Nautiz X41 – Physical Characteristics:
Length: 168mm (6.6in.)
Height: 26mm (1in.)
Width: 71mm (2.8in.)
Weight: 270 grams


The system needs to be within range of an access point. Location and number of access points depend upon the configuration of the scale