Factory Order Processing System v8

FOPS8 is a redevelopment of our highly successful FOPS6 factory management Software without loss of function or performance. The system has been designed to run on existing databases without all the problems associated with conversions. Thus with FOPS8 you can continue to run FOPS6 at the same time.

FOPS8 uses the latest Actian Zen database manager for fast secure and flexible data storage. The FOPS8web application uses MS-SQL from the reporting database. FOPS8 uses report generators for all output, therefore Customers are free to design their own requirements and has large install base.

FOPS8 Overview

FOPS8 Automotion

  • WiFi and Batch Hand Held Terminals/computers
  • Auto-OCM systems weigh / labelling
  • Integrates directly with a number WPL systems and automated packing lines (robotic pack placement cells).
  • Single database on FOPS8 system ensures inner and outer labels and product related information is correct.
  • Connection with NAWI and Vanderlande robotic WHMS system to ensure traceability of meat from supply (purchase order or batch numbers).
  • Each retail pack is uniquely labelled and recorded within FOPS8.
  • Batch / Product change over is managed by FOPS8.
  • EEC plant (supplier ID, PO, Batch No) information written automatically to WPL.
  • WPL logical Stop / Start controlled by FOPS8.
  • On-line 1d/2d barcode verification for retail packs

FOPS8 - Yield Management

  • Boning Hall Transponder Yield system requires existing or new crates to contain a passive transponder for identification.
  • Empty crates are recorded into a given de-boning line
  • Prime product leaves the de-boning line and recorded by exit transponder reader.
  • Trim product leaves via shared conveyor.
  • Trim product is auto-weighed and identified at the weighing station.
  • Prime product is auto-weighed and identified.
  • Shared input terminals record primal cuts, of a given specification, to a given de-boning line, through integrated bar-code scanners.
  • Touch screen terminals track all crates throughout the process.
  • Networked Rs485 transponder readers ensure stability and performance.
  • Yield is controlled by line and cutting (job) specification
  • FOPS8 provides accurate reporting in real-time of yields progress against set standards.
  • Yield batches can be combined in single reports based upon product spec, dates, lines, analysis codes
  • Source primals are recorded against input batch for traceability
  • Buttons mounted on the boning lines are used to advance end the current batch running in the system.
  • The System provides accurate real-time individual line yields.