Formix is a powerful recipe management system that integrates with FOPS8 to control the further processing function. With the combination of FOPS8 and FORMIX you can trace the product flow through the formulation and packing process.

  • Standalone / Network
  • Actian Zen Database
  • Multiple scales per terminal
  • Multiple, Single and user defined batch modes
  • Unique “shadow” filling display
  • Top up filling – start with sub-assembly weighings
  • Real time recipe updating – no downloading
  • Traceable operations
  • Scheduling – Program recipe “orders”
  • Recipe Sharing – multiple terminals can work on same recipe at same time
  • Transaction – records every weighing
  • Flexipick system to allow operators to move around within recipes and orders.
  • Reports – Standard reports for all data files, recipe performance, ingredient usage, throughput, costs.
  • Secure User access – programmable user access codes restrict functions available to a given operator

FORMIX Standard features: