Black Box

The Hellenic / MLC Black Box system has been one of the most successful kill line data capture developments. Within the last 6 years, over 80 systems have been installed ranging from simple stand-alone portable classification systems to fully developed and integrated livestock payment and management systems.

The “heart” of the system is the “Black Box”, this is a stand-alone or online system that electronically replaces the manual BCC/SCC/PCC documents and associated reports. The “Black Box” can connect to scales (for weight input), grading probes (Hennessy or SFK), grade displays, carcase tag printers, report / tally roll printers, eartag / hospital terminals and computer systems.

The colour touch screen design allows fast and accurate and simple data entry, whilst being portable allows a single unit to be used on multi-specie lines. Eartag terminals are used further up the kill line to allow pre-entry (or scanning of passport) of eartag numbers (and no of teeth) so that the ear can be removed prior to classification.