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Livestock Lairage Scanning

The Livestock Lairage scanning application automates control of Livestock reception, interfacing with the eartag terminal, black box and LPP application. It initiates and drives data transfer through the kill system. Designed as the kill line systems primary module it is the first reference point on arrival for Livestock compliance to OTM/UTM and factory set parameters.

  • OTM/UTM Modes – Easily switch between OTM and UTM.
  • Lairage Lots– The setting up of lots on the system that can be viewed by kill date & participants. Enables you to set up lots in the future for ease of use when the animals arrive in the lairage.
  • Scanning Passports – In the lairage the passports can be scanned to a selected lot. All dates are automatically validated in the required mode.
  • Scanning Movements – Scan all the movements for an animal so that the movement history can be easily viewed.
  • Destination Calculation – The destinations can be auto generated from number of movements, breed etc.
  • Category Translations – Categorys can be auto generated when the passport is initially scanned.
  • Vet Ante Mortem Checking – The lots can be released by the vet so that they can continue down the line.
  • Kill Schedule – A kill schedule can be easily generated for any given kill date.
  • Lot Movement – Lots can be easily moved to a different kill date. If killing has started then un-killed animals can easily be moved to a different lot.
  • 30 Month Report – Report showing all eartags for a lot with number of days from 30 months.
  • Lairage Report – Report showing all lots with producers and expected animals.
  • MHS 50 Report – Report with all carcases with entries for the MHS.
  • LGC Report – Report showing all data that is also sent in the LGC export file.
  • MHS Due Diligence Report – Barcodes printed for the current date to prove MHS due diligence check on both the pc and the ear tag terminal.
  • LGC Export File – The LGC export file, this can also be auto emailed.
  • BCMS SIS Export Files – Both the off holding and slaughtered files can be generated.


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