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Our Products

Our comprehensive product range provides packaged modules giving you the flexibility to apply specific application solutions from stand-alone units to total management control systems.


Hellenic Software has expanded drastically over the years reaching out to a wide range of sectors within the food industry. Hellenic cover the full process from Livestock and Kill Line Systems to Warehouse Data Capture. All of our software packages are designed to adapt to any customer preference and we work with you to make sure that each application is right for you.


Hellenic offer a wide range of Hardware Solutions to accompany the various software modules which are available. Some of these solutions include: Black Box, OCM Terminals and Handheld Scanners. As a company we design, develop, install and maintain all the systems that we provide with our engineering team on hand to provide any technical support relating to any hardware issues.

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Hellenic Theia Vision System

The vision system was added in 2013 to complete the packing line set-up with a simple robust solution using a 'smart' camera. The system is provided as full machine with a pack reject bin, or a simple version that fits existing production lines and stop the conveyor. The inspection system performs OCR/OCV, 1d/2d, image/pattern matching. The central database controls the fonts, label layouts and this integrates / replaces the barcode only function of the FOPS line verification system. All images are stored in an SQL database for easy retrieval that links with the FOPS web trace system.

More videos presenting a range of Hellenic products can be found in our Product Videos section. Please follow the link.


Kill Line and Livestock

The Hellenic Kill Line and Livestock System controls, maintains and reports on the full kill line process. This includes making bookings, grading stations and live stock payment systems / lairage scanning.

Factory System and Processing

The Hellenic Factory System and Processing module includes many solutions that run through the whole everyday factory processes. These include packaging, despatch and returns with reporting and traceability to monitor the factory from day to day.

Warehouse and Management

The Hellenic Warehouse System integrates with robotic control systems to automate goods handling. With the use of barcode / RFID transponder based technologies the warehouse system can automate Goods in / despatch, Stock Management and Primal Order Scheduling.

Recipe Management System

The Hellenic Recipe System combines with solutions from the Factory System to control further processing operations. The Recipe system can schedule recipe orders and raise stock ingredient requirements as well as ingredient issue and batch control.


At Hellenic we provide hardware for a variety of different solutions. The company works with Intermec to offer customers the most suitable hardware for their sites.

The Hellenic 'Black Box'

The Black Box is a stand alone / online system which can connect to scales (for weight input), Grading Probes (Hennessy or SFK), Grade Displays, Carcase tag Printers, EarTag / Hospital Terminals and Computer Systems.

Hellenic Touch Screen Terminals

The Hellenic range of touch screen terminals use various configurations of our proven compact data terminals. These terminals are designed and manufactured by Hellenic and are developed to cope with the fast paced everday factory operations.

Hellenic Printers

At Hellenic we work with Intermec to provide a wide variety of different printers. Models include: PF4i, PM4i, PX4i and PX6i, as well as PM43/PM43c

RF PDCU Scanners

The Hellenic wireless scanner range includes models such as: Intermec CN2B, CK3, CK31 and CN3.


Intermec Printer repair specialists and GOLD product partner

Products currently in development at Hellenic:


The existing recipe system is being re-developed currently to work on a greater number of platforms and to take advantage of the new Hellenic Terminal range.


The costing system has been improved and now (through the BOM) provide theoretical and actual product costing through multiple component stages - and has add a 'what if' engine.

FOPS X (10)

The latest version of the Hellenic Factory Order Processing System that levers the power of the cloud.

FOPS Central

Single master system pushing and collecting data to/from remote sites. ERP top-line integration, central resource planning and allocation. Central group reporting.

For the latest up to date developments at Hellenic please visit our news page.

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