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Factory Order Processing System v8

FOPS8 is a .NET/Delphi XE redeveloped our highly successful FOPS6 factory management Software without loss of function or performance. The system has been designed to run on existing databases without all the problems associated with conversions. Thus with FOPS8 you can continue to run FOPS6 at the same time.

FOPS8 uses the latest Pervasive SQL v11 database manager for fast secure and flexible data storage. The FOPS8web application uses MS-SQL from the reporting database. FOPS8 uses report generators for all output, therefore Customers are free to design their own requirements and has large install base.

FOPS8 Overview

  • Boning Hall (yield, traceability, Stock production planning, FOP, direct-to-pallet
  • Line performance monitoring / verification/ vision, downtime time analysis, OEE/PPMH
  • Multi-Site (Centralised distribution / invoicing / order processing / reporting)
  • Remote cold store operation
  • Sales order processing (EDI order/invoice/credit/delivery notes. Sales analysis / history)
  • Purchase order processing (scan, bulk weigh, GRN, reject picking notes, costing / history)
  • Production planning (carcase to primal / primal to retail)
  • Stock Forecasting (production for primal/vertical stock; shortages/ allocations)
  • Interfaces (flat file/CSV, SQL lookups, custom)
  • Despatch Loading controls (traffic light systems)
  • Haulage management
  • Crate / packaging management
  • Custom Report generator (outputs in HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, CSV)
  • Carcase / side maturation stock (drip loss, stock location, carcase to primal cutting)
  • Retail Packing (Yield, Production planning, FOP, SOP, Invoicing / Credit notes, Stock, WPL integration.
  • Recipe Formulation application (see FORMIX)
  • Traceability from Carcase (or primal) to retail pack (forward and backward), including packaging
  • Central Materials / Contact database with full auditing.

FOPS8 Automotion

  • WiFi and Batch Hand Held Terminals/computers
  • Auto-OCM systems weigh / labelling
  • Integrates directly with a number WPL systems and automated packing lines (robotic pack placement cells).
  • Single database on FOPS8 system ensures inner and outer labels and product related information is correct.
  • Connection with NAWI and Vanderlande robotic WHMS system to ensure traceability of meat from supply (purchase order or batch numbers).
  • Each retail pack is uniquely labelled and recorded within FOPS8.
  • Batch / Product change over is managed by FOPS8.
  • EEC plant (supplier ID, PO, Batch No) information written automatically to WPL.
  • WPL logical Stop / Start controlled by FOPS8.
  • On-line 1d/2d barcode verification for retail packs

FOPS8 Hardware Platforms

  • Designed to run on Microsoft Windows 2003+ servers with IIS
  • Utilises powerful Pervasive SQL v11 and Microsoft MS-SQL 2005+ database engines.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 clients
  • Terminal services for remote control.
  • Double Take and Data Exchange real-time server replication software (fault tolerance).
  • Colour Touch screen Factory terminals.
  • Connect via TCP/IP or IPX Ethernet networks
  • Operates on Virtual Servers


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