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Factory Order Processing System v6

Formix 2 recipe systems
Real time database update Integrates with FOPS6 Raw material stocks / lot tracking.

Purchase ordering
GRN / reject notes
Purchase costing / reporting
Retail packing 
Yield (per line/batch/dates) 
Production planning 
Factory order processing 
Sales order processing 
Invoicing / Credit notes 
Direct to pallet weighing 
Finished product stock 
Recipe formulation 
Weigh price labeling integration
Line efficiency / downtime
Production planning
Carcase to primal planning / forecasting 
Primal to retail planning / forecasting 
Pallet planning
Carcase / side maturation stock
Drip loss 
Stock location / tracking 
Carcase to primal cutting labeling
Scanning to production planning
Boning hall
Production planning 
Factory order processing 
Direct to pallet weighing
Centralised distribution 
Centralised invoicing 
Load/remote Cold store operation
System functions
Product/batch traceability 
Factory orders 
Product grouping / Alias 
Full WYSIWYG label design 
Security access system. 
Carcase Stock
Side/ Quarter / Carcase despatch
to sales orders 
to boning hall / further processing
Boneless / maturation stock
Sales order processing 
Invoicing / Credit notes 
Issue to retail 
Costing from carcase 
Intake from third parties
Sales/ Purchase Order processing
EDI order input 
EDI invoicing 
EDI delivery notes 
Invoicing / Credit notes 
Sales analysis / history 
Sales ledger reporting / analysis 
Sales ledger posting
Open System Architecture
Server; Microsoft 2000/2003 (SBS)
Client; Win 2000/XP/Vista 
Pervasive SQLv9i database 
ODBC compliant 
Supplied reports generator 
Standard accounting interfaces 
Manufacturing software interfaces
*Vista requires PSQL v9.5


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