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Livestock Payment System v8

Livestock Management & Procurement:
LPP is a new dynamic livestock procurement and payment system. Currently used by over 40 major abattoirs in the UK, it has proven to be reliable, flexible and fast, reducing complex animal payments and tracking time dramatically. LPP integrates with Hellenic Systems FOPS6/8 products for traceability from producer to retailer. Hellenic's LPP system integrates all species into one package.The new version of LPP, version 8, is available for all species.

Live animal intake

  • CID logging
  • OTM/UTM checking/seperation
  • Kill scheduling
  • CID logging Booking system
  • Passport scanning
Kill line classification and procurement payment
  • Interface to Purchase ledger
  • Maff returns / MLC reporting
  • Animal history
  • Producer analysis
  • Fieldsman analysis
  • probe/grade/category analysis
  • Audit trail
  • Remittances
  • Cheque printing / BACS
  • Kill out / carriage reporting
  • EID tagging interfaces
System Overview
  • Multi-User
  • Beef/Sheep/Pig
  • Pervasive SQL database
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server

Livestock Procurement and Payment software standard features:

  • Live animal intake – booking in system checks lots in against pre-programmed deliveries
  • DEFRA SIS – LPP generates DEFRA reporting and BCMS SIS export files
  • OTMS returns – IB OTMS documentation and EDI message files
  • Kill scheduling – Determine the preset order of kill in the lairage
  • Passport scanning – Scan passports at eartag terminal and check DOB, create dynamic lots and remove re-keying
  • Kill line classification and payment – products BCC/SCC/PCC documents and remittance advices
  • Interface to Purchase ledger – export remittance data to third party purchase ledgers
  • MLC reporting – Export file for APP and Sheep pricing
  • Producer analysis – How the producers animals have / are performing against set criteria
  • Fieldsman/Buyer analysis – reports of performance of buyer against grades
  • Probe/grade/category analysis – multiple criteria driven reports analyses your performance data
  • Audit trail – records all remittance operations
  • Remittances – sell billing documents in multiple styles and formats
  • Cheque printing / BACS – prints cheques directly or exports for BACS payments
  • Kill out / carriage reporting – carcase yield analysis and cost of transport
  • Price comparisons – Compare market live weight and dead weight purchase costs
  • EID tagging interfaces – Eartag terminal works with RFID animal eartags to remove scanning stag.

CCS - Kill Line Management

The second generation of the famous MLC “Black box” has now been produced with an advanced colour LCD display. The new system has huge storage, performance and ease of use improvements. The Black Box II is a portable self contained classification system that can also be part of a larger networked livestock payment application.
  • Black Box II is a self contained portable ‘plug and play’ system requiring only a simple dot matrix printer.
  • Connects to thermal label printers to produce carcase tags.
  • Interfaces with Hellenic Hospital Terminal for automatic selection of faults and processing of total condemnations.
  • Interfaces with Hellenic Live stock payment software suite.
  • Interfaces with Hennessy and SFK electronic fat probes. Also supports the SFK Autofom scanner.
  • Also interfaces to the Hellenic Grade Display terminal for providing grade information further down the line.
  • Classification reporting within system.
  • Many additional reports available through the livestock payments system.
  • Automatic destination (grade) selection via user programmable tables.
  • Colour TFT display, touch screen keyboard.
  • Fully solid state, low power electronics, no moving parts.


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