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Stun Monitor

Designed in conjunction with the MLC, the Stun Monitor is designed to help stun equipment operatives achieve legal requirements for current and stun duration.

During a stun the TS-7000 touch screen terminal plots a graph of current against time. The graph shows green when the current is adequate and a region of the screen goes green when a high enough current has been applied for a long enough period of time.

The terminals also record each stuns data, which can be uploaded to a standard Microsoft Windows PC in real time or in batches. Terminals are capable of storing the data for around 12,000 stuns before there is a need to have the data uploaded to a PC. When uploading in real time a supervisor can monitor stuns from across the floor as they complete.

Reports can then be produced showing overall performance of the factory or reports on individual stun operatives to highlight training needs. Reports can also show if any piece of equipment is causing inadequate stuns.


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